A leader must have the ability to empower personnel with differing skill sets and backgrounds in rapidly changing circumstances to work together to complete a wide variety of tasks productively and successfully. My leadership philosophy has developed over 30 years as a theatre professional and business owner and entrepreneur. It focuses on identifying and addressing the needs of a diverse client base, on communication and collaboration with a vendor and reseller community possessing both sales/marketing and IT/systems backgrounds, and on supporting the Mission and Core Values of ECM Today! An effective leader assesses current benefits and risk and maps a plan for a dynamic future with full participation in the process by all relevant parties. A leader has the responsibility to show both what has come before, the foundation of the company, and what is yet to be as new technology is discovered and developed.

The major factors contributing to the success I have enjoyed in producing and managing many varied theatre and business projects has been my commitment to Integrity, Clarity, Decisiveness, Passion, and Humility.


Integrity is the cornerstone. A commitment to doing the right thing for the right reason. As a leader, I manifest integrity inconsistency, consistency in principles, standards, actions, methods, expectations, and results in all interactions. Decisions are based in best practices and clearly related to the organization’s stated mission and strategic goals. Precedent-setting decisions are only made after careful consideration and with collaboration and conversation with all involved. Without integrity, there can be no credibility and without credibility, trust and inspiration are unattainable.


As a leader, I create a well-founded, goals-based Vision with a clear purpose and plan. I communicate the Vision to all involved with the clarity that will allow them to work together to bring the Vision to life both for themselves and for the organization while clearly defining the requirements expected of each participant and providing the support to meet those requirements.


The primary responsibility of any leader is to get the job done. Developed over the length of my career, I have the confidence, drive, and trust in the process to move forward when a consensus is reached, and a decision is made.


Passion is key to Leadership. Through energetic, excited, and enthusiastic engagement in a Vision a leader fosters a commitment to that Vision.


I approach leadership with humility, using my experience, expertise, and knowledge to attract, inspire, and bring people together to work toward a common goal. A leader must be able to inspire people to align themselves with a Vision, to believe and embrace to believe in and embrace that Vision. A successful, dynamic, growing organization is best served by a leader exhibiting the qualities of Integrity, Clarity, Decisiveness, Passion, and Humility. A leader that marshals the energies and talents of all parties to realize an organization’s Mission and Vision while addressing the needs of customers, vendors, and co-workers. An effective leader welcomes participation, rewards contributions, and recognizes the talents of all members of the organization. As such a leader, I embrace the administrative philosophy I have described and diligently strive to maintain integrity, clarity, decisiveness, passion, and humility as the basis for my decisions and recommendations.

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