If your documents have already been scanned, ECM Today! can take your existing images in file servers or legacy ECM systems and bring them into an ECM system that gives you all the functionality and benefits missing in a file server system or older ECM systems.

First, if the hardcopy still exists, you may want ECM Today! to rescan. Our scanning services ensure the best possible image scanned under the most stringent parameters and processes as part of creating digital documents of record that can replace paper documents of records. Too often, initial scanning was done at copiers as opposed to specialized machines operated by dedicated staff specifically trained in Image Capture.

If the hardcopy no longer exists or there is high confidence in the scanning process initially used, ECM Today! can convert those images into a modern ECM system.

Our conversion services ensure that all your images are brought over correctly. We can add indexes from the documents or by database pulls, we can use the existing file names as indexes, or combine file names and new indexes. In some cases, we can make existing images text searchable to allow full-text searches.

Please contact us to find out more about our process for converting existing images and for an assessment of your particular requirements.

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