Executive Summary, Core Capabilities, Offerings

ECM Today! is the third in a line of successful Enterprise Content Management companies created by Casey McClellan, CEO and Founder. Beginning in New York City in 1994, and,  through acquisitions, branching out throughout the United States and including San Antonio, TX in 2006. Our main office and processing center is in San Antonio, TX with satellite offices in Dallas, Austin, and Houston.

For over 30 years, the people of ECM Today! has provided Scanning / Conversion Services and a full range of Enterprise Content Management Services including Workflow and Eforms, Application Integration, Business Process Outsourcing, and more recently Robotic Process Orientation and Artificial Intelligence to clients throughout the US and Caribbean. We provide and support solutions for companies large and small in Education, Government, Healthcare, Financial Services, and Manufacturing. We focus on time and security-sensitive as well as labor-intensive processes such as Accounts Payable and Receivable, EOB’s, Shipping and Receiving, Employee Onboarding, and Account Opening, and others.

Core Capabilities

Our management team applies 75 combined years of experience and expertise in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) to every project we undertake. We analyze and assess existing procedures and processes for an in-depth understanding of how our Services as well as our Capture, ECM, and Automation offerings can help the client increase efficiency and control of their processes while decreasing costs.

  • We provide Scanning / Image Conversion services for documents, microform, books, large format, and existing images both at the client site and at our processing center. The experience and expertise garnered by scanning and processing over 110MM documents since 1997 at processing centers and at client sites from Honolulu to Omaha to NYC, to London, to Puerto Rico, allows us to efficiently, securely, and cost-effectively complete any type of document, microform, book, or large format conversion for export into any ECM application.
  • We provide Business Process Outsourcing services (BPO) including AP and AR processing, Account Opening, Employee Onboarding, EOB processing, Shipping and Receiving, and Mail and Email fulfillment services. Our BPO services also include replacing paper Mail Room services with our Digital Mail Room either on-premises or at our Processing center.
  • Our On-Premises ECM and Cloud ECM services include Capture, Content Management, and Automation using Image Workflow and Eforms, Robotic Process Automation, and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Our Application Integration services enable the upload of images and data resulting from Capture, Content Management, and Automation to Accounting, ERP, CRM, and another line of business applications.

Services and Offerings Detail

Our ECM Partner, Digitech Systems Inc. reviewed by Keypoint Intelligence’ Buyers Lab in 2019 and given a Platinum Rating (the highest possible score) as a Content Services Provider (CSP) for their PaperVision ECM product suite. PaperVision includes the two elements of Enterprise Content Management – Capture and ECM processing functionality.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) starts with Scanning / Image Capture. McClellan’s companies have scanned and processed over 110MM documents from New York City to Honolulu to Omaha to Dallas to Puerto Rico to London at our processing centers as well as at customer sites. We have exported those 110MM images to many different on-premises and Cloud-based Content Management and file server applications.

  • Capture: Our Scanning / Image Capture services provide electronic archive and retrieval to replace paper storage. This archive/retrieval function is the foundation for the comprehensive Enterprise Content Management services we offer to Manufacturers, Banks, Hospitals, Schools, Government offices nationwide.
  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM): ECM Today utilizes comprehensive ECM services including image Workflows, Eforms, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate manual paper-intensive processes to increase efficiency and
    security while decreasing costs.
  • Automation: The paper-intensive processes we have used ECM to automate include Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Shipping and Receiving, Account Opening, Employee Onboarding, Student Registration, EOB processing, and Medical Records processing for large regional financial organizations, global manufacturing companies, government agencies, hospitals, and colleges and universities.
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO): In addition to implementing ECM Automation on-premises to be utilized by client staff, ECM Today! also provides these services at our processing center as part of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). With BPO services the client has the benefit of decreased processing time, increased security, a high degree of tracking and auditing of each document, and transparency without worrying about volume fluctuations and related staffing issues. A service level agreement ensures processing within the required timelines and a per-document pricing structure provides cost controls and better forecasting capability.

Other Services: In addition to outsourcing business processes many clients find it beneficial to outsource their scanning to ECM Today! to take advantage of our experience and expertise with scanning hardware and software, to ensure optimal image quality, to avoid the need for IT support for an onsite scanning facility, and to provide for fluctuations in daily throughput.

  1. On a Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Annually schedule, clients use our pick-up service, ship paper documents, or email/FTP digital documents to our processing center where we capture and process the images to our Cloud ECM application for secure access. We eliminate paper filing systems.
  2. The digital documents can then be routed to image workflows that replace manual paper-based processes such as AP or AR Processing, Student Registration, Account Opening, Employee and others. Further, these processes can be outsourced to ECM Today! or routed to client staff. We eliminate manual, paper-based processing.
  3. Some clients use this process to eliminate their on-premises mailroom. Our Digital Mailroom service is set up to receive all client mail for sorting, scanning, and processing. We attach indexes to route the mail to each recipient or to image workflows for processing. We also provide comprehensive printing and mailing/email services. We eliminate the conventional paper-based Mailroom.
  4. Professional Services and Application Integration: The system engineers at ECM Today! provide professional services for installation, upgrades, support, and customization as requested by clients to optimize and grow their ECM application. Many clients use our Professional Services staff for Application Integration, the key to optimizing investment in Capture and Enterprise Content Management. Our engineers have the expertise and experience to integrate image archives and workflows with the clients Accounting, ERP, CRM, EMR, and another line of business applications.
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