Our Efficient, Secure, and Cost-Effective Processes Save Time, Save Money, Save Resources for Businesses Large and Small.

General Scanning / Image Capture

Since 1994 the people of ECM Today! have been the trusted providers of scanning and conversion services to clients from Hawaii to Omaha to Texas to New York City to London to the Caribbean. You can ship your documents to us, or we can pick up your documents for processing at our San Antonio location. Alternatively, unlike many providers, we will bring our scanning services to you.

Scan to Zero

ECM Today!’s scanning professionals bring their scanning and image processing expertise to your office, freeing up your staff for operational, support, or other duties. We will analyze and assess your specific needs and present a solution.

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Document Scanning

By scanning your business documents you take valuable information out of the file cabinet and make it accessible from anywhere with a simple search.Scanning your documents will help you reclaim more space, time, and money.

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Conversion of Existing Images

If your documents have already been scanned, ECM Today! can take your existing images in file servers or legacy ECM systems and bring them into an ECM system that gives you all the functionality and benefits missing in a file server system or older ECM systems.

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Microform Scanning

Converting your microfilm and/or microfiche to digital files can seem like a huge, complex, and very overwhelming process. ECM Today! can help you tackle this project efficiently and affordably.

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Large Format Scanning

ECM Today! specializes in providing large format document scanning services. We can scan your documents on our large format scanners in full color, or black and white, depending on the needs of your project and organization.

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Book Scanning

ECM Today! specializes in providing non-destructive scanning of newspapers, booklets, or any other print media, bound or unbound. We can scan in full color or black and white and deliver the files in any format you request.

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Digital Document Restoration

Preserve documents and photographs through digitization, including on CD / DVD, restore valuable historical documents and photographs, remove unwanted elements from documents and photographs, and archive institutional records and documents.

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ECM Today! applies 75 combined years of experience and expertise in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) to our Scanning and Image processing procedures. These procedures have been developed and fine-tuned by scanning over 110 million Financial, Educational, Healthcare, Government, and Manufacturing documents of all types, sizes, and conditions in the paper, microform, and electronic formats. We upload to any network device or Enterprise Content Management system, both on-premises and Cloud-based.

Our scanning and conversion procedures are based on comprehensive tracking of all documents throughout the process. This provides quick and uninterrupted access to documents and ensures Chain of Custody requirements are met.


We give you Immediate Access to your documents as they are scanned at no additional cost. Using our Cloud ECM system powered by Digitech Systems ImageSilo® we will give you secure access to your documents as soon as they are scanned and processed. We provide this service free of charge from inception to 3 months after completion.


We work with you to make your project affordable. Many scanning jobs only require creating a PDF image with minimal indexing, such as date, file name, box name, etc. Others require creating a Digital Document of Record to replace a Hardcopy Document of Record. ECM Today’s pricing is based on complexity. When requested, we will provide in-depth analysis to see how you may benefit from an Enterprise Content Management system integrated into your existing line of business applications. See our Scan to Zero service (Link to Scan to Zero page) for one option for scanning all your historical documentation at one time.

Digital Documents of Record vs. Hardcopy Documents of Record

Do you need more than a backup copy of your Documents? There are specific requirements defined by state and federal regulations that must be met to allow destruction and replacing of hardcopy documents of record with electronic documents of record. ECM Today! has the experience and expertise to walk you through the requirements for your documentation that will enable you to eliminate the cost and insecurity of warehousing your hardcopy.

Our Scanning / Conversion Process

Every project has special requirements. At ECM Today! our scanning processes ensure those requirements are met for every scanning project.

1) Analysis / Assessment

We work with you to identify specific requirements for processing, retrieval, and retention.

  • What format and DPI is needed, how are the documents currently filed
  • What additional indexes can be applied to simplify retrieval
  • Is full-text search required
  • What are the security requirements for each type of document
  • Will you destroy the hardcopy after scanning
  • How can the documents be integrated with current applications and databases

2) Procedures Approved

Based on the Analysis we prepare a Procedures document client for approval as part of a Statement of Work. This is a preliminary approval. Final approval is based on the Sample we provide as part of Step 4.

3) Job Set-up

Once approved we set up your Job for processing by configuring hardware and software and training staff to meet your specific requirements. (See Step 5)

4) Documents Received and Sample Prepared for Final Approval

We can pick up your documents, you can ship them to our processing center, or we can scan them at your location. In each case, we will scan a sample of your project for your review and Final Approval before continuing work.

5) The Scanning Process

We modify the standard process to meet each project’s specific parameters. Each step is logged in the Master Tracking Log (MTL) for tracking, billing, and audit of the Chain of Custody. The client has access to the MTL for process review.

5. a) Batching and Document Prep for Scanning: All documents Logged, clips-staples, etc., removed, documents repaired, Batch Sheets and  Cover Sheets inserted as needed

5. b) Scanning / Image Capture: We use production-level scanners with image enhancement software for optimizing image clarity. Includes sonic double-feed protection to prevent mis-scans. Includes autorotation and blank page deletion.

5. c) Scan Quality Control: Images are reviewed for legibility and re-scanned as required. Confirm rotation and deletion of only blank pages only.

5. d) Indexing: Using bar codes, optical character recognition, database pulls, and/or manual entry, indexes are attached to each document.

5. e) Index Verification: Indexes are verified against the image and corrected as needed. Documents are indexed and verified by different personnel.

5. f) Export: Images and Indexes are exported to the client. If requested, we can also export to our secure Cloud ECM system for immediate access without additional charge. Documents will be available throughout the project and for 3 months after completion of scanning. Access can be extended for an additional fee based on volume and number of users.

document capture

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