What is “We Scan for You”

Do you not have enough work to justify a full-time scanning department?

Do varying scanning volumes make staffing to meet operational needs difficult?

Do you need to focus on your business, then scanning and image processing?


ECM Today! has the hardware and software as well as the trained staff to scan and process your documentation at your location or at ours.

On-Site Scanning

ECM Today!s scanning professionals bring their scanning and image processing expertise to your office, freeing up your staff for operational, support, or other duties. We will analyze and assess your specific needs, present a solution for your review and approval, then implement and run the day-to-day process. We work closely with your staff to react quickly to any specific requirements. To ensure we meet our Service Level Agreement we add staff as needed to address volume fluctuations and prevent bottlenecks in processing.

Our clients find that our scanning experience allows us to get their documents into their digital workflow and ECM systems better, faster, and at a lower cost than doing it themselves.

Scanning at ECM Today! – Three Convenient Options

  1. We will pick up your documents at your location daily, weekly, monthly, or as required and deliver them to our processing center
  1. You can ship your documents directly to our Processing Center in San Antonio on your schedule
  1. Lockbox Service – Direct customer correspondence to a Lock Box set up for your company, We will pick up mail as required for delivery to our San Antonio Processing center.

ECM Today! will use our state-of-the-art software and hardware to create electronic documents with the best image possible, indexed and verified to your specifications. Documents will be available to you throughout processing. Images and metadata will then be delivered by the hard drive, FTP’d to your servers, or exported directly to your Enterprise Content Management system. Alternatively, we can export your images to our Cloud ECM system to provide you with a comprehensive ECM system for a small monthly charge.

See Our Solution!

The simplest and safest way to address any lingering concerns or questions about ECM is to just try it. Send ECM Today! one box of any of your documents, and we’ll show you — start to finish — exactly what our process entails, at no cost to you. This will be tailored to your exact needs, and we will adjust and reconfigure until you have exactly what you want and answer any questions you may have. If we can’t make you 100% happy with the results, or you just decide that you’re not ready to go digital yet, then there is no cost or obligation on your part to continue. Let ECM Today! show you the quality and reliability of our work!



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