ECM Today! provides a full range of Professional Services to assist in upgrading, migration, and Application Integration of your existing ECM system Assessment and Analysis of your current document management processes.

As a premier reseller for Digitech Systems PaperVision products let us implement your next PaperVision Upgrade. Our Professional Services team can also help with migration in and out all major Electronic Content Management applications.

We also have extensive experience with combining document management systems with a line of business applications like Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP, and other accounting/financial, ERP application, and Microsoft SharePoint

a) Clients use our pick-up service, ship paper documents, or email/FTP digital documents to our processing center where we capture and process the images to our Cloud ECM application for secure access. We eliminate paper filing systems.

b) The digital documents can then be routed to image workflows that replace manual paper-based processes such as AP or AR Processing, Student Registration, Account Opening, Employee, and others. Further, these processes can be outsourced to ECM Today! or routed to client staff. We eliminate manual, paper-based processing.

c) Some clients use this process to eliminate their on-premises mailroom. Our Digital Mailroom service is set up to receive all client mail for sorting, scanning, and processing. We attach indexes to route the mail to each recipient or to image workflows for processing. We also provide comprehensive printing and mailing/email services. We eliminate the conventional paper-based Mailroom.

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