Let us automate you Incoming mail processes. You can forward you mail to our facility or use our lockbox service, we scan, index, QC and categorize you mail for you and route it electronically to the recipient or directly to workflows for review and/or processing.

Business continuity and working remotely are the major reasons business are looking to outsource their Mailroom processes. The conversion of hardcopy mail to digital mail will allow your employees, vendors, and customers maintain operations in time of uncertainty.

As part of our Digital Mailroom BPO service, ECM Today! offers Mail / Email Fulfillment Services to print and mail or email documents after processing. Our Digital Mailroom BPO service is also used to eliminate the expense and insecurity of an internal Mail Room.

Why a Digital Mail Room?

  • Save money. Concentrate your time and labor on your core business, not delivering the mail.
  • Save space. A mailroom is one less room to manage and staff.
  • Security. ECM Today!’s verification process ensures all mail is directed immediately to the recipients you designate, and only them.
  • * Centralization. When you outsource your mailroom to us, you install an automated sorting system for all of your mail, in one space.
  • * Reduce risk. Digitizing documents as soon as they arrive minimizes any chance they will be delayed or lost.
  • Easy Access. Documents that are digitized as soon as they arrive are instantly available to anyone with authorized access and a computer.

We offer Digital Mailroom Options to Best Meet Your Company’s Unique Requirements

At ECM Today! we provide the solution that works best for your company.

1. Scanning Services: You send the mail to us, or we pick it up, and open, prepare, scan and deliver electronic files in whatever format you request. This can either be an ongoing service or used on a specific, stand-alone basis for individual jobs.

2. Scanning and Processing: We receive the paper mail documents on a pre-determined schedule, and we open and scan just as in Scanning Services above. This step adds integration of the now digitized mail into your workflows and other processes. For example, we can file items directly into your ERP, or direct an e-mail with the documents attached to a specific recipient, or start a workflow approval process for invoices. We can even integrate your e-mail, processing it into the system in the same way as paper mail, thereby centralizing all your incoming mail in one place.

3. Full Mailroom Services – Lockbox Services: With this service, we receive and scan all client mail for electronic distribution throughout your company. We set up a P.O. Box for receipt of your mail. We become your physical mailroom, and then provide the same scanning and processing described above. Of course, we can add your electronic mail to this as well.

4. Mail / Email Fulfillment Services: We also provide printing, mailing / emailing of documents in partnership with USIO Output Solutions. This service eliminates the need for hardware and staff associated with printing, folding, stuffing, stamping outgoing mail. Our access to a USPS Detached Mail Unit expedites mailing of your documents and ensures that all mail meets USPS requirements.

5. Customization: We have the experience and flexibility to design a mailroom solution that works for your company. If you prefer to scan in-house, we can provide the processing, or vice-versa. Or perhaps you want us to focus on electronic invoices. Our goal is to provide you with the hardware and software to create what works best for you.

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