What if you could save money on records management to give more to student-focused programs?

Schools manage a ton of information, including student records, health records, finance and workman’s compensation, employee files, and more. Each record has unique security and retention requirements, but most schools face shrinking budgets. Intelligent Automation (IA) will help! It’s flexible enough to handle almost any file type, including virtually any unique requirement, and it’ll help automate routine tasks, so your employees can be reallocated to higher value tasks.

Our solutions for educational institutions provide instant access to student records, transcripts, admissions, student billing, financial aid, personnel files, and school board minutes.

Obtain instant access to electronic documents, saving manpower spent searching for paper documents. Save the money you would have spent on expensive off-site document storage.

Are you ready to give your school a technology lesson?

Leverage our patented Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine to recognize and sort just about any type of data you work with.

  • Automate student records and standard business document processing
  • Ensure student records are held in compliance with FERPA
  • Eliminate hardware and IT costs

FOIA Compliance

Satisfy federal requirements to make student records and employee files available instantly, and archive emails for three years.

FERPA Compliance

Ensure proper student record disclosure according to The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) federal law.

NCLB-No Child Left Behind Compliance

Adhere to annual testing and reporting requirements.

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