Explore our BPO Solutions to see how ECM Today! will:

1) Allow you to reallocate staff and space to other processes

2) Help you become more efficient and flexible and improve process efficiency

3) Allow you to extend and expand operating capacity

4) Increase security by utilizing our secure facility for storing and processing your information

Content Management Solutions

Are you able to access your documents anywhere, anytime?

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AP Processing

ECM Today! works with you to automate data extraction and your Accounts Payable processes using Imaging, Workflow, and the newest artificial intelligence technolog

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Mail / Email Fulfillment

ECM Today! offers Mail / Email Fulfillment Services with our partner, USIO Output Solutions, to print and mail and/or email documents after processing as part of our BPO services

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We Scan for You

ECM Today!’s scanning professionals bring their scanning and image processing expertise to your office, freeing up your staff for operational, support, or other duties.

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Data Entry

With ECM Today! there is no need to rely on your own clerical staff or temps for standard data entry tasks, or to depend on over-seas workforces, with all the attendant problems that entails

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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions move labor-intensive, volume-driven manual processes needing extensive IT support, from your organization to our organization. We have tailored BPO solutions for many of our customers’ unique requirements. We receive documents (email attachments or paper documents), capture and quality control the images, extract and verify data, export the data to the client’s line of business applications, and retain the images in a secure electronic archive for reference and compliance purposes.

With BPO you can realize the benefits of moving time-intensive processes that are subject to volume fluctuations that make it difficult to meet staffing requirements and that require a practiced knowledge of imaging software and hardware to our experts who specialize in scanning, data extraction, and system integration.

ECM Today!s BPO services allow your company to focus on moving forward to meet your Mission and Goals by providing Content Management hardware, software, and processing services to increase operational efficiency and security while decreasing costs. We receive and capture paper and electronic documents and process them into our Cloud ECM for archiving and to activate workflows for your staff to review, approve, and act upon the documents.

Our experience and expertise with the software and hardware used for scanning, data extraction, and integration with line of business applications enable us to perform complex processes efficiently, cost-effectively, and securely. Because we provide staffing based on Service Level Agreements you are protected against processing delays and costs associated with fluctuations in work volume.

What if you could classify and extract data from your documents automatically?

Using Intelligent Automation (IA), you can classify, route, and extract data to get you on the road to automation right away.

  • Eliminate manual data entry and sorting

  • Reduce fraud by automating payment processing

  • Shorten time to pay to earn more early discounts

No more lost invoices, interest charges, and late payment penalties.

ECM Today! works with you to automate your Accounts Payable processes using Imaging, Workflow, and the newest Artificial Intelligence technology to decrease processing time, increase controls, and maximize vendor discounts.

On-Premises and Outsourcing Options

We will implement your automated AP solution at your location, or we will do all the processing for you at ECM Today!, uploading the data to your accounting software and linking the Invoice images to your accounting software, ERP, and other lines of business applications.

Want to learn more?

Our AP solution is built on the Digitech Systems Inc. ECM application. This eBook and video illustrate how we work together to provide the best AP processing solution available.

“Five Steps to AP Automation”

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“How Much Are Manual AP Processes Costing You?”

  • 1st step – Convert to Digital Images
  • Tag with Identifying info like Inv #, Vendor, Amount – Known as Indexes
  • Retain Images
    • Secure compliant storage, quick and easy access to reconcile payments against Purchase orders and shipping receipts
    • Digital Images are much easier and cost-effective to retain
  • 5 Steps: Scan | Index | Reconcile | Remit | Retain
  • Reduce operating costs and see profits rise


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AP Processing

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