Other Services: In addition to outsourcing business processes many clients find it beneficial to outsource their scanning to ECM Today! to take advantage of our experience and expertise with scanning hardware and software, to ensure optimal image quality, to avoid the need for IT support for an onsite scanning facility, and to provide for fluctuations in daily throughput.

a) By utilizing our Assessment and Analysis services you can get a comprehensive understanding of your current document management processes and well-supported recommendations to help your organization become more efficient and secure while decreasing costs. See how you can realize the benefits of Electronic Document Management Services.

b) The digital documents can then be routed to image workflows that replace manual paper-based processes such as AP or AR Processing, Student Registration, Account Opening, Employee, and others. Further, these processes can be outsourced to ECM Today! or routed to client staff. We eliminate manual, paper-based processing.

c) Some clients use this process to eliminate their on-premises mailroom. Our Digital Mailroom service is set up to receive all client mail for sorting, scanning, and processing. We attach indexes to route the mail to each recipient or to image workflows for processing. We also provide comprehensive printing and mailing/email services. We eliminate the conventional paper-based Mailroom.

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