Brett Benson – Account Manager, Scanning America

“As our Scanning services partner ECM Today! continues to provide the very best in scanning and conversion service. The quality of work and level customer service they provide is unparalleled  in the 20+ years I have spent in the ECM market.”

William (Bill) Dodd – CFO, University of Texas Brownsville

“When we merged to create UT Rio Grande Valley we were under the gun to get rid of a warehouse full of paper records. The week we gave them the go-ahead, the staff of ECM Today! picked up 1,070 boxes, moved them to their warehouse, and started scanning. We were able to begin retrieving documents from their Cloud ECM system, Digitech System’s ImageSilo® the 2nd week. They scanned 3.9MM records in five months and the job was finished on time and on budget. A very successful project with an outstanding Vendor.”

Brett Lammers – COO, BancWest Investment Services

“Casey McClellan and ECM Today! took the time to understand our needs and gave us a very effective solution for Cloud ECM services. ImageSilo® helped minimize our capital expenditures by allowing us to pay for the use of the software on a monthly basis. Since the software is provided as a service, our IT staff isn’t burdened with performing ongoing maintenance, support, and upgrades.”

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