ECM Today! specializes in providing large format document scanning services. We can scan your documents on our large format scanners in full color, or black and white, depending on the needs of your project and organization.

One of our main forms of large format scanning is our blueprint scanning service. Due to the size of blueprints and the details they include, scanning them is the perfect way to preserve them for long-term storage and use. In addition, our high-resolution PDFs allow conversion to raster format to allow updating existing plans using CAD technology.

Many organizations work with large format documents. These can include:

  • Blueprints
  • Engineering drawings
  • Posters
  • Architectural drawings
  • Maps
  • Banners
  • Aerial photographs
  • Land surveys
  • Any document printed on A0 size paper

Unfortunately, these types of documents can be difficult to maneuver, organize, and store. They are often folded, rolled up into tubes, or piled up in a backroom somewhere without order or categorization.

Large document scanning allows those larger documents to be transformed into digital files. These digital files can be kept right on a desktop computer, in a shared drive, or on a USB drive. They are much easier to label, organize, and share. Imagine being able to simply email a blueprint to a client instead of having to mail it or deliver it. All tasks and processes are simplified when large format scanning is part of routine business.

We specialize in high volume large format scanning; for example, the scanning of 250,000+ original station plans, dating back to 1875, we did for NYC Metro-North Railroad. Although we specialize in high volume, we can also scan and insert large format images in files containing smaller formats.

Benefits Of Large Format Document Scanning

At ECM Today! we realize how big an impact large format scanning can have on organizations. Our clients appreciate the benefits of large document scanning.

Better Control of your Documents

Paper documents, especially larger ones, can be difficult to handle and organize and are often stored insecurely. Digital documents can be set up as password-protected programs or stored on a secure company server. They can also be shared via safe cloud platforms or internal software systems.

Centrally Scanned and Indexed

We can scan your large documents into a central, digital location. As we scan, the documents will be indexed or labeled by categories you prefer: client name, project number, date received, etc. These are immediately available on your computers.


Once your large documents are digitized, they can be keyword searched. Our Cloud ECM application also gives you secure access to documents from mobile devices and off-site locations for viewing, editing, and sharing.

More Space in the Office

Large format paper documents take up tremendous space. It is common for large companies to have several rooms designated just for storing maps, blueprints, and engineering drawings. It is time to reclaim that space.

Productivity Increases

Digital files are easier to find, move, and access, making all tasks easier for employees. Consider how much time is spent in just searching for the correct document before the task can even start. A simple keyword search brings the correct document the employee needs right to their fingertips.

Secure Storage and Archives

Digital files can be securely archived once the documents are no longer needed. Instead of taking up physical space, the digital versions can be stored on a drive, in the cloud, or on an internal computer/server system.

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