The system engineers at ECM Today! provide professional services for installation, upgrades, support, and customization as requested by clients to optimize and grow their ECM application. Many clients use our Professional Services staff for Application Integration, the key to optimizing investment in Capture and Enterprise Content Management. Our engineers have the expertise and experience to integrate image archives and workflows with the clients Accounting, ERP, CRM, EMR, and other lines of business applications.

Integration brings separate software and database systems together to function as a single, cohesive system. By uniting critical components and creating new organizational capabilities, integration adds significant value to any business. ECM Today! is practiced in integrating document capture, management, and workflow solutions into your current systems.

Envision your organization with all systems communicating effortlessly to give you an all-encompassing view of your business in one place.

  • Make informed business decisions faster
  • Improve customer service
  • Increase productivity by eliminating data re-entry and automating redundant business processes
  • Facilitate seamless day-to-day operations

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