Digital is not only the Future – Digital is Now.

ECM Today! makes Electronic Content Management (ECM) affordable for every business, no matter the size….

  • Let us bring you into the Digital Future…. because the Digital Future is Now.
  • We work with you to create a Digital Foundation starting with Scanning and Conversion into a comprehensive Cloud Enterprise Content Management Storage and Retrieval system without a long-term commitment or large initial investment.
  • We focus on your Return On Investment (ROI) and work with you to build your system as you grow
  • Not just storage and retrieval – includes workflows, eForms, Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence
  • Let us help your business become part of the digital Future?

We think every business should be able to realize the benefits of Enterprise Content Management. ECM Today! is committed to helping small businesses increase efficiency and control over their documents and while saving money. Working with our partner Digitech Systems we bring ECM to your door.

We want every company, no matter the size or budgetary constraints, to be able to enjoy the benefits of ECM.

ECM Today! brings 30 years of experience in financing and deal structure to make ECM affordable…. let us show you how your company can realize the same ECM benefits as large companies with large ECM budgets. We work with the client to provide an affordable foundation in ECM by focusing on Return on Investment (ROI) to bring the two major components of an ECM system within reach.

  1. ECM – We Focus on Making Cloud ECM Affordable – Workflow, eForms, RPA, AI

Working with our ECM software partner Digitech Systems Inc. we offer two version of Cloud ECM services that provide full functionality without a large capital investment or the need for ongoing onsite IT support.

  1. Scanning / Capture – Converting paper to images by scanning at your location or ours or capturing images sent as email attachments or using FTP.

We provide the following two volume-based scanning services that allow you to control and predict ongoing scanning and backfile conversion costs.

Scan to Zero & We Scan for You

Our “Scan to Zero” and “We Scan for You” services are designed to help companies afford scanning and capture of existing and ongoing capture of existing documents with affordable alternatives to creating, staffing, and maintaining an on-site scanning and image processing facility.

    • Scan to Zero”: We warehouse your documents and scan as your budget allows. You are only charged for Scanning, not for Warehousing. 
    • We Scan for You”: We have the hardware and software as well as the trained staff to scan and process your documentation at your location or at ours. 

See Our Solution!

The simplest and safest way to address any lingering concerns or questions about ECM is to just try it. Send ECM Today! one box of any of your documents, and we’ll show you — start to finish — exactly what our  process entails, at no cost to you. This will be tailored to your exact needs, and we will adjust and reconfigure until you have exactly what you want and answer any questions you may have. If we can’t make you 100% happy with the results, or you just decide that you’re not ready to go digital yet, then there is no cost or obligation on your part to continue. Let ECM Today! show you the quality and reliability of our work!


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