How might information technology speed manufacturing processes?

In the push to produce high-quality goods quickly, Intelligent Automation (IA) can give you the edge you need. Coordinate information between systems, automate data entry, move information through business processes, and securely lock down sensitive records as needed.

How accurate is your inventory or accounting system?

Integrating a technology solution such as Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software can tie multiple line-of-business (LOB) applications together to improve productivity across the entire organization. Learn more about how to create process efficiency for your manufacturing business while simultaneously reducing records management costs and improving your customer service.

  • Eliminate manual data entry and improve data accuracy
  • Ensure all records are stored securely in compliance with federal regulations
  • Unify multiple systems and improve productivity while saving money

Our solutions for manufacturing can automate shipping and receiving, accounts payable/receivables and invoices, and automate and standardize MRP scheduling.

What makes manufacturing documents unique from those of other industries is the fact that many of them are large format, which means they cannot be scanned with a normal scanner. ECM Today! has large format scanner that make the storage of such documents easy. ECM Today! stores the documents efficiently, meaning lower control costs and faster production.

Benefits ECM Today! Can Bring To You

  • Streamline shipping and receiving
  • Drastically cut down time and money spent on accounting
  • Improve ISO 9000 – ISO/TS 16949 – QS 9000 quality systems
  • Stop misfiling or losing important documents
  • Free up employee time lost to filing and searching for documents
  • Sarbanes-Oxley compliance

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