With ECM Today! there is no need to rely on your own clerical staff or temps for standard data entry tasks or to depend on over-seas workforces, with all the attendant problems that entail. Unless directed by the client, we exclusively use workers based here in the United States to provide the highest quality service. Increase your workforce productivity and reduce your cost by turning this tedious and time-consuming task over to us.

With our focus on serving business across a wide range of industries, we open up multiple avenues for cost savings, including streamlining workflow, reducing clerical expenses, and freeing up employees to concentrate on expanding their core business. Small businesses, in particular, find that outsourcing basic, time-intensive functions like data entry can “clear the decks” and let them stayed focused on the bottom line.

Examples of some common data entry paperwork we routinely handle include:

Medical records – Purchase orders – Legal contracts – Litigation Support – Invoices and accounts payable documentation – Insurance policies and claims – Fulfillment – Product rebate forms – Student records

Data Entry Outsourcing Benefits

The most obvious benefit from outsourcing data entry is the savings from reducing payroll on temporary and clerical staff devoted to data entry, as well as the associated benefits packages. But a secondary consideration, perhaps equally important, is the increased security of your data. Using ECM Today! provides a layer of security unavailable to in-house operations. Your data entry storage will be safe even if your own office servers are compromised. You won’t have to start over from the beginning in the event of a security emergency or damaging Internet outage. You’ll have another layer of backup with ECM Today!

Data Migration Services

Data Migration is the critical step in an undertaking like this. ECM Today! can successfully handle any size migration because we have the tools and experience to safely limit system downtime and contain costs. The migration plan will be designed and executed according to your needs and will minimize any disruption to your business. We have the expertise to migrate across multiple platforms and environments.

Bottom Line:

ECM Today! can lower your costs, smoothly and accurately transfer your data, manage risk, reduce downtime, and work out a time-sensitive solution.

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